Pit water treatment facilities of South-East Kirbinsky and North-West Kirbinsky of Beysky coal-mining field has been launched

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In 2019, during the construction of the Kirbinsky open-pit mine, there were treatment facilities designed based on Dyclar technology to purify a mixture of pit water with storm water, melt and groundwater that flows directly into the mined-out area of the pit. Wastewater flows into Lake Bolshoye, which belongs to the facilities of the 1st category significance fishery and is under the supervision of the FSBI "Yeniseyrybvod". Lake Bolshoye has always been a fish rich reservoir. At present, artificial stocking of the lake is carried out additionally. Therefore, the wastewater treatment of the Kirbinsky open-pit mine is an important environmental measure for preserving the natural diversity of the area.

The major task was to bring the content of suspended solids in wastewater to compliance with the MPC standards - up to 3 mg/l. Before the installation of treatment facilities, the content of suspended solids in wastewater was up to 32,3 mg/l.

To solve the problem, there were installed four dynamic clarifiers with a diameter of 3.4 m , as well as two pressure-contact tanks with a diameter of 3.4 m. The capacity of the treatment plant is 540 m3/h. Work at the facility lasted about 10 months.

As a result, the set goal was achieved. The quality of clarified water with a suspended solids content below the MPC standard value was obtained - less than 3 mg/l.

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