Dyclar technology was presented at the “Water treatment and TPP water chemistry conditions. Goals and objectives" online conference.
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Igor Balaev, Technical Director of “OOO Integrated Water Technologies", made a presentation titled “Experience in implementation of the universal Dyclar dynamic clarification technology in the energy sector”.

Сравнение качества воды за период эксплуатации установки предварительной очистки воды на Барнаульской ТЭЦ-3
Comparison of water quality during the operation of the water pretreatment plant at Barnaul CHP-3

“Participation in the conference once again made it clear that Dyclar dynamic clarifier has no serious competitors. This is also proved by the report of the representative of SibEAC AO said Igor Balaev.

Vera Lerkh, an employee of SibEAC AO also spoke at the online conference. She appreciated the experience of using Dyclar technology in the water pretreatment scheme at Barnaul CHP-3 as positive and spoke in detail about the high quality of purified water during the operation of the plant.

The event was attended by representatives of JSC VTI, Helamin Project LLC, VZOR LLC, Technopribor SPE LLC, Ecostrom-Processing LLC etc.

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