Dyclar equipment has received the international ECM certificate
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The document gives an opportunity to promote, use and develop equipment in the countries of the European Union.


Dyclar's technical solutions have successfully passed three stages of inspection: performance related to electricity consumption, resin charge efficiency, tank strength, and proven to be safe for the environment and service personnel.

ECM is a voluntary certification mark of the Ente Certificazione Macchine organization (Italy), it guarantees the purchase of a product that meets European quality and safety standards. Despite the fact that the certificate is intended only for EU countries, it has received great recognition in the entire international market.

Alexey Timofeev, Head of the Quality, Certification and Patents Department, Mirrico Group:

to receive the equipment certificate, was developed documentation that meets all the requirements of the European Union; independent experts conducted tests to confirm compliance with three quality standards and production expertise. The work was carried out for about three months. The certificate is valid for five years.

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