Desalination unit using Dyclar technology launched at Amur TPP

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Within construction of "Amurskaya TPP" facility, a desalination plant based on Dyclar ion-exchange technology was launched. The goal of the project is to provide steam generation for the Amur gas processing plant of PJSC "Gazprom". The Dyclar desalination scheme saves the operating costs of TPPs and reduces the environmental impact by minimizing of wastewater.

Within the framework of the project, a technological scheme was developed for the preparation of desalinated water and purification of return condensate; completed work on the manufacturing and supply of equipment, supervision of mounting and commissioning. Engineers of The Water Technologies and Service Division of The Mirrico Group have been working on the project for about a year.

The developed technological scheme includes:

  • Desalination plant with a capacity of 240 m3 / h, which prepares water for the boilers of the main equipment. The plant includes three ion-exchange modular mixed-bed filters loaded with cation-anion-exchange resin.
  • Autonomous desalination plant for the main building wastewater treatment (drains from boilers and turbines) for the subsequent return of water to the cycle with a capacity of 70 m3 / h. The plant operates on three filters: two H-cation exchangers with counter-current regeneration and a mixed loading filter.
  • Return condensate purification unit at the GPP with subsequent water return to the cycle with a capacity of 380 m3 / h. The plant consists of sorption filters with sulphonated carbon, which purify condensate from oil and corrosion products. Then the stream enters a group of three mixed-action filters.

Patented Mixed-bed- H ionization technology was used in the project, which guarantees the production of deeply desalinated water (electrical conductivity less than 0.1 μS / cm at a rate of 2 μS / cm), and also ensures a decrease in the volume of washed wastewater. Previously, this technology was introduced at Kazanorgsintez for the purification of industrial condensate.

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