Dyclar brochure: everything you wanted to know about us

Dyclar brochure: everything you wanted to know about us

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New Dyclar brochure was prepared specially for IFAT 2022 - 8 pages dedicated to our company values, technology, references and challenges around water scarcity and water contamination.

We named the brochure «Sustainable future» - this is what we strive for by improving and implementing our water and wastewater treatment technology.

Dyclar technology was developed in postindustrial era. Inspired by natural processes, combined with human expertise. We have aligned our objectives to UN Sustainable Development Goals:

6. Clean water and sanitation

13. Climate action

14. Life below water

All Dyclar components are recyclable. No use of dangerous reagents for backwashing, mainly air is used. It’s energy efficient compared to other clarification technologies.

More information about how we can help to solve the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow, you can find in Dyclar brochure. Follow the link and download!